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    Abuse, Shame, and Jesus

    A couple of weeks ago I spoke at an event hosted by Passion for Evangelism. For various reasons the actual event was private, but myself and Karen Soole, who spoke, have written…

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    On New Year

      I really don’t like New Year’s Eve; the reasons are complicated. Partly it’s the arbitrary nature of the whole thing. For some unknown-to-me reason, we’ve decided that December is the last…

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    On Stories

    Last week was all about stories. Durham CU ran a week of events with the theme of stories. As well as public events (apologetic talks and discussions, interviews with a host of…

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    On mission in a ‘done to’ culture

    As you may know, I’m currently working on an MA in Theology at Durham. One of the classes I’m taking is all about ‘Missional Leadership in the North East’ and I’ve recently…

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    On happy pills & the D-word

    When I stopped blogging 18 months ago there were a couple of reasons for it. The first, was that after 365 days of posts, I was rather sick of my own ‘voice’.…

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    On starting back.

    524 days. That’s how long it’s been since I last blogged. Sorry about that. Still, I’m back now, and with a beautiful new design, and a fancy new web address. For which…