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Hi, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Ellidh Cook, I’m 30-something, and were you to ask where I’m from, I think the fairest way to answer would be to say that I’m from ‘around’.

I’ve lived in London, Cumbria, Ayrshire, St Andrews, Glasgow, Johannesburg, Newcastle upon Tyne, and now, 29 years later I’m back in London (living 0.3 miles from where I was born).

I spent 10 years working with UCCF: The Christian Unions as a CU Staff Worker,  helping university students to know Jesus better, and to introduce their friends to him too. I’m now part of the ministry team at All Souls Langham Place, but still working with students.

I have a couple of degrees in Theology (MTheol, St Andrews, 2007; MA in Theology and Ministry, Durham, 2018), but would love another one (PhD, somewhere, sometime?).

Other things that take up my time include: attempting to make beautiful things from yarn and cotton and cake (usually not all at the same time); rediscovering the joys (and pains) of ballet as a less flexible adult; talking, writing, reading and thinking about theology (especially the Old Testament) and feminism; accidentally travelling the world, often with students; and various other random pursuits.

I love to write, but I especially love to chat to people about what I’m writing, so please get involved in the discussion by commenting on posts.

Thanks for stopping by!

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