On uses for ribbon.

This year at Christmas we did a family not-so-secret-Secret-Santa.

My dear mama bought my gift, and got me a lovely handbag, a very useful (and requested) lasagne dish, and a packet of many spools of different coloured ribbons.

Why ribbon? Because Ma knows that I’m a fan of all things crafty and pretty ribbons fit that bill. But, here we are three months later and they’re still neat and untouched in their packet, because I just can’t think what to use them for.

Any ideas?

20130327-213942.jpgIn summary: looking for inspiration.

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  • Reply Catie Eliza April 2, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    Oh I LOVE ribbons! Get some shoes that you don’t think are that pretty anymore and lace them up with ribbon instead so that they are new and exciting and pretty and feminine. Or, get a new/old skirt from a charity shop and use the ribbon as a fastening so that it is the perfect fit AND pretty. Make cards for people’s birthdays with ribbon on one part that they can cut off and use as a bookmark. ? xx

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