On Snapshots: Hit & Run Evangelism

Becky Manley Pippert tells a story about being in her car, stopped at some traffic lights, next to another car. As the lights turned green she noticed the driver of the other car throw something through her open window and then drive away. Becky looked down to discover that the thrown-thing was actually a gospel-tract, and she then goes on to tell how this is not a particularly good evangelistic technique.

And the reason I’m telling you this story? Because today, whilst in Caffe Nero (about to join my new knitting club), a lady walked past the table where I was sitting with Fiona, and her friend, Lydia, dropped a little card on our table, and hurried away.

Here are the girls, and the note. I think the feeling they are attempting to convey with their expression is ‘confusion’:


In summary: sweet, although not necessarily effective.


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  • Reply Fiona November 19, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    Cheers for this super flattering picture Ellie! Defs my favourite of your blog posts though. So many lols.

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