On Snapshots: Durham Ducks

Today was spent in Durham, with a bunch of CU leaders, for some teaching and training and singing and praying.

At lunchtime we strolled into ‘town’, and on our way across Elvet Bridge we happened across a duck race, about to begin.

The duck race, in aid of some (I’m sure) very worthy charity, involves people sponsoring a wee rubber duck, which is then chucked into the river, along with many, many more similarly sponsored ducks, via the scoopy-bit of a JCB. Said birds then meander off downstream to the next bridge, and the winning duck, well, wins.

I had left my phone behind, so couldn’t take any pictures, but thankfully JJ was on hand to capture the moment (and give him multiple points in the ongoing JJ/JP competition for blog mentions).

In summary: ducks.

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