Back to the Barre

On Back to the Barre: Pain.

Tonight I returned to ballet after a six week break, with a two and a half hour class.

Every part of me hurts. And I’m predicting an inability to walk down the stairs tomorrow – which may cause some difficulty to my plans, since I had planned to leave the house, and I need to walk downstairs to do that.

Please, if you love me at all. Never allow me to have such a long break again.

I can’t go through this again.

In summary: knackered.

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  • Reply amberskyef May 2, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    The longest break I’ve ever had was almost a month, but surprisingly I came back and hadn’t really lost anything. My pointe work was better than ever, and I really wasn’t that sore the next day. I’m not sure why. I worked about as hard as I usually do, often trying to push more and more every class, but maybe my muscles just couldn’t let the ballet go, even after an almost month long break. But it’s great you’re back. I can’t stand being away from the barre for even a week.

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