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On Back to the Barre: Diagnosis.

pointe shoes 1Thanks to a very clever ballet teacher (who happens to be a physiotherapist in her real, non-ballet, life) I’ve finally worked out what it is that’s causing such pain to the soleus muscle in my right leg.

Working out the problem doesn’t stop it hurting immediately, but, assuming I correct my behaviour, in the long-term the problem should be solved.

And correct behaviour?

Turn out, baby.

You see. I do have pretty good turn out, because I have pretty flexible knees, but, coming back to ballet after ten years off has meant that although the turn out is still there, the strength that holds the turn out (in the hips, bum, and thighs) is distinctly lacking. That in turn has meant that when I am jumping onto one turned out leg, I’m rolling my foot in a little and putting strain on the muscle. Hence the pain.

So, lots of exercising the hips. And lots of non-turned-out jumping whilst I’m working on the former.

But hopefully, an end in sight for painful jumping.

In summary: turn out.

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