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On Back to the Barre: Alice

This evening I went to the cinema with dear Mama to watch a live screening, via magical satellites, of the Royal Ballet’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. 

ALICE by Wheeldon

They were dancing it on the stage at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and we were watching it in Screen 7 of the Vue Cinema, Carlisle. Very clever.

It was also being shown at 599 other locations around the world, and we were encouraged to tweet during the intervals, using their hashtag: #ROHalice

Which led to an awesome moment of social media joy for me, when my tweet was chosen and appeared on the screen.

This is the tweet:

alice tweet 1


And this is a photo of my tweet on the screen:

alice tweet 2

V. meta. That’s just how I roll.

But, aside from all the tweeting, the ballet itself was also really good. Sarah Lamb as Alice, was excellent, as was Federico Bonelli as Jack (although there were a couple of moments during their main Pas de Deux, where he had a look of panic on his face, as if he was afraid he would drop her – thankfully, he did not). Zenaida Yanowsky was utterly hilarious as the Queen, and, in general, I just love Edward Watson.

So good, and so great to have the technology to let this kind of thing happen.

In summary: live ballet (sort of).


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