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On a gradually improving day

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (and if you don’t, you really should), will know that my day didn’t start out very well.

I made myself a packed lunch for my day in Durham, and was feeling jolly organised and thrifty and generally virtuous… until I got on the Metro and realised that I’d left my lunch at home.

And then, whilst on the train I failed to notice that we had reached my destination (the mainline central train station) until the doors were closing and we were pulling out of the station and making our way across the river and into Gateshead.


However, I’m delighted to report that day improved gradually through the day: two lovely one-to-ones; a SLOBS session all about Mary; a new skirt for £5 (with the added benefit of a sewing project to entertain me this evening, as I worked on re-sizing it to fit me); an encouraging meeting about future work; and the sweet (literally) gift of a homemade Crunch Cream biscuit from one of my one-to-one girls.



In summary: good day in the end.

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