On Christmas videos: from Carlisle

This beautiful remix of ‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’ features singers from the choir that I once sang in, singing in the cathedral where I used to sing.


In summary: Carlisle Christmas


On Christmas videos

Love this one so much. Away in a Manger, but with some beautiful new verses:

In summary: carols


On Relay: Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner with the #patch, as Fiona is so fond of calling us.

Here’s a couple of prep pics: Fiona and Gareth, and a stuffed, but uncooked chicken.




In summary: #patch


On Snapshots: Secret Santa

Secret Santa and Christmas dinner this evening.

Here’s a picture of, what I consider, the best present of the bunch, along with its lucky new owner, Scott.

A painting of a bunch of flowers, and a KJV quote from John’s Gospel. Classic.


In summary: lucky him.


On Snapshots: Doppelgänger

An evening carol service over in Fenham gave me a chance to snap a pic of last year’s Relay workers alongside this year’s.


Wee, blonde, bespectacled, wearing matching snoods, and a little bit mental: Phoebe and Fiona.

Tall, dark, beardy, dressed in grey, and with an uncanny similarity in the way that they slump on my sofa: Sam and Gareth.

Can you tell the difference?

In summary: carbon copies.

Back to the Barre

On Back to the Barre: A Christmas Show

I haven’t done a lot of ballet-related blogging this term, because I haven’t been doing very much ballet, but today I made it along to the lovely St Hilda’s Ballet School show.

Julia (the teacher) had based it around a history of Cecchetti method, with all ages and stages of dancers portraying various famous students of Cecchetti himself, and performing exercises and dances under the watchful gaze of the Great Man, Mrs Cecchetti, and Cyril


So lovely to see so many of them involved, right down to the wee pre-primary lot doing their fairy runs. And it makes me look forward to getting back to dancing next term.

In summary: Cecchetti


On Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorations at my house consist of a lovely wee tree, a few lanterns, a couple of angel ornaments, and a garland of baubles on the mantelpiece. The colour scheme is white lights, and gold and purple baubles.

The different approach to decorations in different homes intrigues me. I had a conversation recently where a few people shared their own family traditions. There were homes where the colour scheme changes annually and woe betide any who introduce a rogue red bauble on a white and silver year. One friend spoke of her family’s ban on tinsel and coloured lights. Another likes to introduce every shiny, colourful light, bauble, bead, and streamer that can be found. Another still likened his in-laws tree (decorated in straw figures) to something from The Wicker Man.

Not very Christmassy.

All quite different. My question is: Where do you stand? Tinsel? Coloured lights? Inflatable Santa in the front garden?

In summary: decorations.