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    On Snapshots: Winter Soup

    Last week I was blogging about autumn. This week it feels like winter has arrived, so I made winter soup for the Relays. Lots of root veggies. And quite a lot of…

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    On Snapshots: Last days of summer.

    We’re enjoying lovely late September sunshine at the moment. So today seemed like a good chance to get in a last trip to the beach. Whitley Bay this week. In summary: the…

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    On Snapshots: Northumberlandia

    On Saturday I went on a visit to the newest attraction for the North East Northumberlandia. This is an impressive, if utterly bizarre, giant sculpture (of water, rocks, and hills) of a…

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    On Snapshots: Green Fingers

    Back at the beginning of August I blogged about taking cuttings from our pet Geranium, and trying to grow new wee flowers from them. A few weeks ago I was ready to…

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    On Snapshots: tins of beans

    It was Northumbria Uni Freshers’ Fair today and the CU decided to go for edible publicity, because we all know students love free food. So they stuck their flyers on tins of…

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    On Snapshots: Sisters.

    I came across this old link today, all about a group of sisters, who had a photo taken of the four of them once a year for 33 years. It’s amazing to…