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    On beautiful publicity

    I like things to be beautiful, which I suppose is pretty ordinary. The mystery is why I find certain things beautiful, and certain things not. What I especially care about at the…

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    On Snapshots: Phoebe

    I came across some photos that I’d forgotten about. Out for coffee with Phoebe, she picks up the table adverts, puts them on like armbands, and then demands a photo. I think…

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    On Snapshots: Hit & Run Evangelism

    Becky Manley Pippert tells a story about being in her car, stopped at some traffic lights, next to another car. As the lights turned green she noticed the driver of the other…

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    On Snapshots: feeling old

    Every year, Saturday night at Newcastle CU Houseparty involves games and costumes and, occasionally, a rave. Since I have worked with the CU the themes have been ‘school days’ and ‘Olympics’, and…

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    On Snapshots: Skyfall

    Saturday night of Houseparty was ‘Skyfall’ themed. In a week’s time Northumbria CU will be hosting their events week, and in order to get everyone ready, and to give the freshers a…

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    On Snapshots: cooking

    This weekend I’m away with Northumbria CU at their houseparty, and I’ve brought Sarah and Vic with me to do the cooking. Here they are: smiling and fake-cooking: In summary: house trip…