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On wool and sheep.

Today I’ve been in Bradford to speak at the CU meeting.

They’re working through the ‘I am’ sayings in John’s Gospel this term, and they invited me to come and speak to them on a section from John 10, where Jesus describes himself as the Gate for the sheep. I really enjoyed working on the talk, and visiting the CU as well. In the last couple of weeks I’ve had the joy of visiting two different CUs from the three I regularly work with, and it’s been fun to meet them, to see how they work, and to pray with, and for, them.

One highlight of randomness at Bradford CU was discovering two prop-cars in the room when we arrived to set up. They were moved off to the side to make room for the meeting, but not before my colleague, Ed, and CU Treasurer, George, climbed in one of the cars and got pushed around in it. As you do.


And, on the way down to Bradford to talk about sheep, I got a bit more knitting in. All rather harmonious actually, the wool and the sheep.

In summary: knitting, talking, and novelty cars.

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