The Week [in summary]

On the week [in summary].

This week I have been


Unreached by Tim Chester – still really enjoying it (and having lots of good chats with the Relays.


The National Railway Museum in York, watching little kids (and bigger kids) enjoying the trains, and wishing that I lived in Murder on the Orient Express (except, without the murderey bits).

The Royal Victoria Infirmary to see a lovely student who had a bad accident last week and is now recovering. I’m pretty sure the last time I visited a hospital was when the nephew was in the Special Care Baby Unit. And gosh, isn’t it crazy to realise that that was nearly eight years ago?


Summer Cake (sponge sandwich with cream and strawberries) in honour of the occasional recent glimpses of sunshine, and the reappearance of the flip-flops.

Still knitting for Flo – nearly done now.

Talking about:

Prophecy and story, babies, owls, summer, maps, endangered white fish and the nation’s best young fish fryer, maturity, Paul in Rome, prosperity gospel, broken vertebrae, rock climbing, miracles, feelings, PMS, coffee, social cues, rain, Ruth, reformed churches and what calling yourself that says about you, comfort and encouragement, Tamar, toothache, revision, spinal injuries and the joy of the NHS, religion, golf, pub food, summer plans, dating, hats and gloves and dresses, pregnancy, orange, cosmetic surgery,  special needs, the north/south divide, life-expectancy, and the fact that, apparently, mango is the world’s most populous fruit.

In summary: summarising.


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