The Week [in summary]

On the week [in summary].

This week I have been


Old Lewis episodes. Dreaming Spires, murder and intrigue, and Detective Sergeant Hathaway solving crime and saving the day, whilst smoking moodily. What could be better, and why on earth have they allowed the show to end?

This spoken word piece, turned typography, by Amena Brown. I saw it this evening at a baptism service for one of my students, and thought I’d share it with you all:


This excellent article from the Sydney Anglicans website, written by David Mansfield (father of my lovely friend, Kim). Thought-provoking and moving stuff.

Unreached by Tim Chester. This is the book to read with the Relays this term, and so far, it’s really excellent.


Still knitting for Flo. I’m going large with the sizing, but at the rate I’m knitting I’m not sure that’ll be enough. Must knit quicker.

Talking about:

Breast feeding, hugs, weaving, coffee, facial cues and social skills, trains, summer plans, culture shock, farewells, class systems, stress and why Jesus says ‘relax’, the meaning of the word ‘pomp’, jeans, sunshine, dates, encouragement and rebuke, ballet mirrors, Tamar, the honour and shame societal structure of the Old and New Testament periods, church, sandwiches, planes and government legislation, voting, paths up mountains and blind men with elephants, noisy neighbours, and life-changing cream cheese and grape rolls.

In summary: summarising.

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