On Snapshots: Mo, castles, and mini ice creams

Today we celebrated a year in the Toon for Sarah & Vic.

We went down to the Quayside, where a mini-athletics tournament was happening, as a prequel to the Great North Run tomorrow, and spotted Mo Farah (one of the few sports personalities I actually recognise). We watched the end of the Junior Girls run, and the start of the Junior Boys, as we slowly made our way through the crowds on the Millennium Bridge. We took a wee visit to the castle, since it was free, and enjoyed the view from the top, which is brilliant. And we ended the day with a trip to Archer’s Ice Cream in Jesmond, where I had the most delicious Knickerbocker Glory ever tasted, followed by a cappuccino that was served with a tiny, tiny ice cream cone on the side.


In summary: Saturday.

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