On sleep

In my youth I was what’s known as a ‘heavy sleeper’.

I once had to be shaken awake by roommates, because a ringing fire alarm had not been enough to rouse me.

Sadly the deep sleep has abandoned me as my years on earth creep towards that landmark 3-0 next year, and my nights are increasingly interrupted.

The first issue: sleeping in an unfamiliar bed causes me trouble, which would be fine except for the fact that I’m away from home at least once a month.

The second issue: sharing a room, which again, happens on a monthly basis.

The third issue: when alone in my own room I have to battle through: late-night revellers who fight and sing outside my bedroom window; the occasional car or house alarm that explodes into noise at 2:30 in the morning; the toddler next door who wakes at midnight, three, and five thirty (like clockwork) and screams for her dad; dawn.

Oh how I miss those deep sleep days.

How about you?

In summary: not sleeping.

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