On simple knitting.


Previous baby-knit yarn choice. Camel!

Knitting for Flo continues, and, in fact, is nearly done.

One of the reasons it has taken a while is because I wasn’t happy with the pattern I’d chosen. Eventually I settled on a good one, and I have mostly stuck to knitting as per the instructions, with only one or two little changes.

That is the joy of becoming more accomplished in my knitting: I’m able to be a bit choosier about which elements of the design I’ll change, and which I’ll keep.

When knitting for myself that usually means that I’ll add in a bit of lace where I can (because I’m utterly lace-obsessed), but I would seldom do the same when doing knits for babies. When knitting for babies I’m off the opinion that simplicity is best.

I don’t do fluffy or furry. I don’t do lace or picot bind-offs. I don’t fringes or pom-poms. And I don’t really do pastels.

Simple lines and clean, sharp colours are the way forward.

What about you? Are you a knitter? What’s your preferred style?

In summary: simple.

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