On senses.

This evening young JJ came over for tea, to talk about Associate Staff Work type things (and to get an extra point in the ongoing JJ-JP blog battle, natch.)

I am, sadly, still full of cold, and discovered the difficulty of that combined with cooking.

Obviously, I was highly diligent about washing my hands and not sneezing in the saucepan, since it would be a bit of a shame to serve up future lurgy with the food, but I hadn’t really taken into account my total inability to smell, and what impact that might have on my cooking.

I made this. Which has every promise of being delicious, but which I have never actually made before.

Couldn’t smell anything. Couldn’t taste anything.

Vic, Sarah, and JJ, were positive, but potentially just being polite. Who knows?

What I do know is that I’m going to be super-happy when this cold packs its bags and hits the road.

In summary: wishing for a full set of senses.

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