On Relay: Life-on-life

New term, new series. A glimpse into the life of my lovely Relay workers.

Relay – for those amongst you who don’t know – is ten month discipleship and training year for university graduates. Relay workers spend an academic year with a UCCF staff worker, being supervised by them as they undertake all manner of CU-related activity, including, but not limited to, a theology study programme; meeting with Christian students to read the Bible, pray, and encourage them in their walk with the Lord; meeting with non-believing students to read the Bible with them and introduce them to Jesus; and generally supporting the work of one or more CUs, and helping them in their mission to reach their respective campuses with the gospel.
One of the benefits (one hopes) of Relay, is the working alongside a staff-worker aspect of the year. Some of this occurs in the weekly supervision meeting – where we read the Bible, study a book, pray, and chat through life and work – but lots more happens more informally, just hanging out and working together; having random chats over washing up, a cup of coffee, in the car or on a train, setting up for a meeting, prepping a talk or seminar together, etcetera, etcetera.

The Relay catchphrase is ‘life-on-life discipleship’, and we really mean it.

Today was the first supervision day for my new Relays, Fiona & Gareth, and I’ve tried to give them a little taste of what’s to come by the eclectic mix of activities included in today’s schedule:

We met at nine and went for coffee at The Basement (definitely not our last visit for the year) and did a little bit of diary planning.

We spent a bit of time in the Laing Art Gallery, visiting an exhibition of religious-themed art called, ‘Divine Bodies’. More on that in an upcoming post.

We headed to my house for a lunch of Vegetable Thai Green Curry.

We read through John’s Gospel in one go (took us an hour and a half).

And we did some baking for tomorrow’s team days; although when I say ‘we’ I really mean ‘they’ baked, while I instructed from a safe distance (due to my common cold lurgy).

Such a lovely start.


In summary: life-on-life.

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