On peanut butter (and other sweet things).

The team day baking has happened.

Tablet. Which I love, but which I always struggle with because I can never remember what it looks like when it’s done. One has to be careful not to over-cook it, for fear of having to clean up the mess if it boils over, or of inadvertently making ‘cinder-tablet’ (which is delicious in its own way, but not easy on the teeth).
So, I always under-cook, and end up having to repeat the process a few hours later when the first batch fails to set.

Nigella’s version of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Basically: peanut butter, actual butter, dark brown sugar, and icing sugar for the base, and chocolate and butter melted on top. This has great potential to be wonderful, but I’m prepared for potential difficulties getting it out of the tray in the morning.


Wait and see.

In summary: not so much baking as ‘microwaving’…

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