On number 50

I’m back!

I really hope you enjoyed reading all of those Travel Diaries guest posts while I was away. Thanks again to all those who contributed.

My time away was a lot of fun (and rather eventful), and despite the frustration of a delayed flight yesterday we did eventually arrive in London, spent the night there, and I arrived back in the Toon this afternoon, via car and then train.

It was whilst wondering away the solitary train-time I realised that yesterday’s delayed flight was, in fact, my 50th time on a plane.

Having spent the first 19 years of my life without flying, the last 10 years have been a bit of a different story, and the four flights I took in the last two weeks were definitely in the top ten for most eventful. During the last two weeks I have seen the inside of an immigration interview room, gone through a diplomatic passport line, had a flight held for me, finally seen fruits of my desire for extra-early check-in (by being put on an earlier flight), and boarded, disembarked, and reboarded the same flight due to a fire at the destination airport.

All in all it has provided fodder for many future stories, but reminded me that (even though it can make things a little more stressful) travelling with a group also makes the travelling a lot more exciting.

Here’s a few pictures from yesterday:

In summary: 50 adventures.

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