On mistaken identity.

I feel like I’ve blogged on this topic before, but I can’t find the post, so perhaps it was just a dream.

I do dream about blogging more than could be considered healthy.

Anyway, the topic of conversation is a problem of particular people mistaking me for someone who I am not, all based on my email address.

Apparently, in the good old world of Google, I managed to get in early with gmail, and so I am blessed to have an email address that is just my name and nothing more. Unfortunately I am not the only person in the world with my name, and so often find myself receiving emails for someone who isn’t me. There are three particular ladies who share my name who are ‘repeat offenders’, for want of a better word. Allow me to introduce you to them, or, at least, to introduce you to the picture I’ve painted in my head based on the on the information in the emails they/me have been sent:

1. The Middle-aged American
I hear less from this one these days – maybe she’s changed her name? But for a while I was getting many an invitation to a book group instead of her. I think she works at a college or university, but I’m not sure in what capacity. She also travels quite a bit, as she often forwarded flight details to my email address. She also signed me up to a weight-loss website.

2. The College-aged American
This girl is the one I’ve actually seen, since her dad once emailed me some family photos of them all at a college football game. I also know that she has an Aunty Patty, who is currently knitting her some slipper-boots – she emailed me some pictures to find out where I would like the button sewn. So that’s nice.

3. The Yummy-Mummy from London
This lady is the one who I get the most mail from, I think she may actually think my email address is hers, because the amount of things she has signed me up for, and the number of friends of hers who think I’m her is ridiculous. I sort of wonder whether she actually receives any emails at all.
Here’s what I know: she is married, with at least two kids, a daughter who is thirteen (and who is about to be invited to a girly movie party of one of her friends), and a primary-school-aged son, who occasionally gets invited to play-dates. She, or her husband, may work for a famous mental-health charity, and one of her colleagues recently invited them both to a dinner party, and took quite a lot of convincing on my part to be assured that she’d emailed the wrong person. She’s signed me up to a number of different mailing lists, including a local (to her, not me) tennis club, and a children’s book shop, who keep emailing me to tell me that my orders have arrived (and don’t ever respond when I correct them), and she used a party planner for the birthday party of at least one of her children – I know, I got the quote.

Bizarre. But at least it provides occasional intrigue to my everyday inbox viewing.

In summary: not them.

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  • Reply Sarah Dawkins October 3, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    As another name only Gmail user I’m really sad that I have never had mail like that!

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