On Lunch with the Principal

Today I was in Durham hanging out with the Theology Network gang.

They had invited the Revd. Prof. David Wilkinson. Professor Wilkinson is the Principal of St John’s College, Durham, and has PhDs in Theoretical Astrophysics and Systematic Theology.


The agenda for the meeting was lunch and a talk on Theology and Science. Chaoyi and Sarah the TN coordinators provided the lunch (in the form of vast amounts of sausage, mash, beans, and gravy; and Prof Wilkinson gave the talk, encouraging the undergrads to start their thinking in Genesis 1, with the One who creates, and in whom we find answers.

It was a great talk, and a good time afterwards, as the students chatted about their various studies and questions, and prayed before heading back to work.
I do rather like Theology Network, so I’m pretty happy that the group has started so well this term. Theology is not the easiest discipline in the world to be a Christian in, surprisingly enough; and yet, it’s a great discipline to be in, and so it’s wonderful to see this group of students meeting together to help and encourage and pray for one another.

Yet another reason to love my job.

In summary: theology.

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