On Gosforth life: the community meeting.

Predictably, I’ve returned from Forum with a cold, and spent today, my day off, in bed.

That, naturally, left me with a bit of blogging problem, but Sarah & Vic, being good friends and good housemates, have saved the day…

It has to be said that the bit of Gosforth we live in is not the most neighbourly place in Newcastle. Most of the flats on our street are rentals, and the turnover of residents is pretty high. People really do keep to themselves. I know the name of one of our neighbours, and I could recognise maybe two others – but that’s it.

So, when we got a leaflet through the door telling us about a local community group ‘get-together’, the girls decided to make a visit.

They didn’t stay long, but report that everyone was very friendly, and pleased to see them there.

There were chocolate biscuits, but they didn’t have any.

There was a policeman there, but they didn’t talk to him, because he was surrounded by a crowd of others, and, to quote Sarah: ‘He had a tattoo.’ Not quite sure why tattoos are a reason not to speak to a guy, but, nevermind.

Everyone they spoke to told them about the group’s website. This is it.

Not exactly the most thrilling meeting of all time, but they did bring me back some pictures, so I could see what I missed:

In summary: community

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