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On Ellidh’s XV

It’s Six Nations time again, and this year it’s serious.

Some of my rugby-obsessed colleagues have introduced a work Fantasy Six Nations competition. Early rumours had suggested that the game would only be open to those staff in possession of a Y chromosome, but they turned out to be false, and all have been invited to partake (so I have).

After the first weekend of play my place is a not very impressive 17th out of 23. Some of the players I chose did well, but some didn’t get to play at all, so no points for them.

Here’s a wee look at my team at the moment:

rugbyBut here’s my question, as one who has never found themselves embroiled in any sort of ‘fantasy’ sports team endeavour, should I stick with who I’ve got, or get harsh and start dropping dead weight now?

I understand that I am permitted to make some transfers with my players, getting rid of those who I don’t want and bringing in fresh blood, but I can’t work out if that’s a good idea or not. I can imagine that if I were to get rid of someone then they’d only go and score four tries and be named Man of the Match in the very next game that was played.

If anyone has any insights to share, please do.

In summary: new pursuits.


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