On day 4

The final day of Northumbria Events week was all about Shawshank Redemption.

Simon’s talk was all about hope, so the question was ‘If you could have one dream for the future come true, what would it be?’

I also had to make a quick trip over to Durham for lunchtime and their Big Question, so I missed the end of the Pop-a-Question time, but I am assured that lots of people answered the question.

In the evening we had delicious curry (provided by my church) and made by Sarah, Vic, and Sarah. These meals have been a real joy of the week, actually. Each night has been provided by a different local church, and it’s been nice to see the support that these different congregations offer to the work that the CU is doing.

The talk, and discussion, was great, and really served as a good end to the week. It’s been a super events week, but the tiredness has rather sent me, Fiona, and Gareth into mild hysteria, as hinted to in some of the photos below, and the fact that Fiona and I started including ‘hashtags’ at the end of every sentence, much to the fury of poor Gareth.

So looking forward to a lie in.

In summary: done.


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