On day 3

As well as photos, I thought I’d give you a little more insight into an average day at Northumbria CU events week:

06:40 : Alarm rings, I wake and have a brief existential crisis.

06:55 : I get out of bed, reunited with knowledge of who I am, where I am, and why I’m awake.

07:30 : I leave the house, head to the Metro station, and curse ‘low rail adhesion’ (leaves on the line).

08:00 : Prayer meeting

09:00 : Breakfast and CUG fun at the SU

11:00 : Flyers, questionnaires, free popcorn and general chat at the SU

13:30 : CUG time, prep, restorative coffee in Caffe Nero

17:00 : Setting up the venue and watching the film of the evening (folding napkins, setting tables, eating tortilla chips).

19:15 : Serving dinner and listening to a talk & discussion

21:00 : Clearing up, and watching Simon do a bit of karaoke.

22:00 : Metro home.

22:15 : Arrive home. Fall into bed. Lie awake for an hour, and emotionally prepare myself for a wake-up alarm in 7 hours.

Fun times

In summary: one day to go.

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