On anticipation.

I am not a big fan of surprises, good or bad.

I would not enjoy a surprise party, or a last-minute trip, or an unexpected visit from a friend quite as much as something long-planned, primarily because I like to look forward to things. The anticipation of the event is half of the fun.

When I explained this to my lovely friends in my first year of university they laughed at me, but then they kindly threw me a surprise party for my birthday (but told me about it beforehand so that I could look forward to it).

The nature of my job is a real mixture of the long-planned for and the last-minute. Some things are planned for far, far in advance (like booking speakers for events happening in more than a year’s time), whilst other things are spur-of-the-moment (usually, meetings being cancelled with zero-minute’s notice). I have become used to the last-minute stuff now (one has to when working with students, who are not renowned for their organisational prowess), but I enjoy having a few work and non-work things to look forward to.

The things coming soon include:

  • First ballet class of the new term (12th January)
  • Les Miserables on the big screen (22nd January)
  • A weekend in Luxembourg with Fiona and Hannah (25-27th January)
  • Newcastle CU events week (18-22nd February)

What about you? Are you a fan of surprises, or anticipation?

In summary: looking ahead.

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