On Zoo Lake versus Leazes Pond

Today I visited a popular Newcastle destination, one which I had failed to visit for all of the 19 months that I’ve been living here.

The destination was Leazes Park. And it was a great day for a debut visit. Warm and sunny and beautiful.

Lovely Claire (former Northumbria CU student and current paediatric nurse) took me there, and we sat and chatted and watched the swans on the lake and it was delightful. A wee space of calm in the middle of the city.

And that reminded me of days spent at Zoo Lake in Jo’burg, and specifically, days spent on the balcony at Moyo, looking down at the lake whilst knitting and tea-drinking with Kim.

If I had to make a list of the things I miss about Jozi, Moyo at Zoo Lake would be pretty close to the top. Even if it was a bit touristy and fake (with ladies offering to wash your hands in fragrant water and paint your face, and other slightly creepy things) whenever I think about it I can’t help but feel the bliss of relaxing on a big comfy sofa and soaking up the sunshine. Another wee space of calm in a significantly more crazy city.

In summary: lakes and sunshine, winning wherever they’re found.

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    Am I prego there?

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