On the Great British Barbeque

I had the pleasure of being back with the Christ Church family today, with the added bonus of a homegroup BBQ for lunch.

Naturally the British summer got involved in an awesome way with a huge thunderstorm, including some super-heavy rain. Thankfully the menfolk (specifically, Tom, Matt and Steve) took the hit for the rest of us, and stayed outside in the wet with the fire and the meat, whilst the rest of us sat in the dry, eating.

And then I got a lift to the station, which turned out to be especially handy when I saw the bus-route under a number of feet of flood water (and a bus stuck in said water). And once again, the station was flooded too, so a bit more wading through a lake before boarding the train.

Apparently 2012 is the year of the Toon Monsoon. What fun.

In summary: weather again.

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