On sweet revenge?

To counteract all that fresh air I got yesterday, I spent the second of the wonderful jubilee bank holidays watching a few films and doing spot of cross-stitch.

Don’t you wish you had my rock and roll life?

The films I watched were typically varied, in both subject matter and general quality, but I did notice that there was a common theme in the few of them, and so that’s what I’m blogging about today: revenge.

The two films that displayed the theme the most clearly were also two of the more different (to one another) films that I watched. On the excellent end of the spectrum was ‘True Grit‘, and on the… less excellent end, ‘Walking Tall’ (although, as it happens they’re both remakes – so that’s another thing in common).

Anyway. Revenge, what’s the deal?

Both of the films follow a character in the pursuit of revenge, and whilst the way that they envision that happening is the same (namely, death, at their hands), the end result is quite different. Chris Vaughan (in Walking Tall) seems to come by his revenge quite easily (albeit violently) and with little-to-no personal cost, and when his enemy is killed, all is well. However, for Mattie Ross (in True Grit) the road is hard and the journey long, and although she also gets her wish, there is little satisfaction or sweetness in the revenge and she is left alone (and with only one arm) at the end.

And so my question is, which is the most lifelike portrayal of revenge? The easy one, or the lonely one?

In summary: pondering.

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