On scheduling.

So, day 2 of 2012 and the blogging everyday thing is already difficult!

The problem has come so early this time due to the fact that tomorrow I’m going away to somewhere in the deepest, darkest Midlands, for a very exciting UCCF staff conference.

Last year, in my final supervision before Christmas, Peter prepared me for staff conference by telling me that it was quite scary and overwhelming (and inadvertently [I think] freaking me out). In actual fact it wasn’t particularly scary or overwhelming, although perhaps that’s only because I was prepared for the possibility that it would be. Who can tell?

However, this year, I’m really looking forward to it. Although maybe because I am looking forward to it, and I am therefore completely unprepared for the possibility of scary and overwhelming, maybe it will be.

Don’t you just love these little insights into the way my mind works?

Anyway, because I’m leaving earlyish tomorrow, and won’t be home again until Friday, and I can’t really remember what the 3G signal is like in deep and dark Middle-England-shire, I’ve had to write three posts and schedule them to publish themselves on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, before writing this post for today.

So, actually my problem is less about writing a post a day, and more about writing four posts a day.

Tough stuff.

In summary: blogging overdose.

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