On Saturday snapshots

I’d love to present you with a beautiful glimpse of today; prayer and planning in the sunshine, at the UCCF summer teams orientation weekend.
But, the location of this particular weekend conference is in a horrible black spot of 3G signal, so I can’t upload any photos. Sad times.

So this is a picture-less and content-less blog. Sorry.

We have had a wonderful day, but once again my particular involvement in teams this summer has to remain mysterious and secretive, so look forward to many barely-veiled references over the next couple of months, and a lot of pre-written and scheduled posts during July.

Which reminds me, if you fancy supporting the daily blog cause in a more practical way, how about offering a contribution of a guest blog post? Let me know if you’re interested.

And now I’m off to search for a tiny bit of signal so I can post this before midnight hits.
Expect pictures tomorrow, God willing.

In summary: mysterious.

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