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On pretty colours

Tomorrow I’m off down south to Leeds, for some fun UCCF Summer School time.

Part of the CU Staff Worker ‘average week’ includes working through a study programme (thinking through various aspects of theology, including practical, historical and biblical stuff), and each year the programme ends with summer school.

We (Team North East) get together with Team Scotland and Team North West, and spend a couple of days soaking up some wise teaching, as well as eating, talking, and watching football (or knitting in the same room as people whilst they watch football, if you’re me).

I’m very excited about summer school, natch., but at the moment quite a lot of that excitement is based on my deep affection for my new pens!

Knowing that I’m going to be taking lots of notes over the next 4 days (with summer school being followed by team days) and knowing that I have 20 different coloured pens to make those notes is filling me with an odd, geeky joy.

Aren’t you glad of that little insight to the mind of Ellidh?

In summary: stationery love.

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