On Olympic Knitting

I’m on holiday at the moment.


It’s not that I don’t love my job (because I really, really do), but I am tired, and super-happy for a wee rest.

Today’s vacation pursuits have included watching Olympics (yay Team GB!) and knitting. I am working on the same piece that I have been for a few months now, specifically, a gift for sweet Annie O.

Technically it was supposed to be a gift to celebrate her birth, but since she’s now 7 and a bit months old it’s clear that we’ve veered a little off schedule. However, due to my dodgy gauge it seems like the item I’m working on will probably be a bit big for her for at least another 6 months (if not more!).

Oh well. It’ll be lovely when it’s finished.

And that reminds me, do head on over to This Side of the Wardrobe.  It’s the blog written my Annie’s mum, Nancy, from the perspective of Annie’s toy lion, Aslan, and it is simply wonderful.

In summary: good watching, good doing.

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