On more tea.

Last year’s mystery trip found me in a country that is extremely famous for its tea, but my tea experiences were, sadly, rather underwhelming.

It turns out that that particular nation is a little too keen on green tea (which tastes like dirty sea water) and I only managed to get one cup of black tea the whole month that I was there.

This year I was in a country that’s generally a little more famous for its coffee, and yet I didn’t get even a wee taste.

However, as a nation they’re rather partial to a good cup of black tea, and so I was pleased to enjoy numerous tastes (and to take numerous photos, natch.)

I’ve also found a fruit tea that tastes of the fruit as well as smelling like the fruit. Win. So I returned with a clear bag full of suspicious pink powder packed in my suitcase, and I’m looking forward to a delicious cup of pomegranate tea in the very near future.

If you’re a tea fan, what’s the best tea you’ve ever tasted? Or the worst?


In summary: new, international tea experiences.

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