On missing out.

Downton Abbey is the topic of conversation du jour.

Everyone is watching it and everyone is talking about it. A surprising number of my male colleagues are apparently fans (if their Sunday night tweeting is anything to go by), my flatmates are watching it as I type, and my Relay workers were talking about it in supervision this week.

But here’s the thing, the big confession… I’m not watching it.

That will be a surprise to some of you, and if I’m honest, it’s sort of a surprise to me too, because, frankly, I’m just the sort of person who would and should love it. I dig period dramas, in a really big way. And yet, I just haven’t got around to it.

So, the questions are: do you watch it? And should I?

The other TV programme that made me feel this way was Lost. Everyone watched it, and talked about it, at great length and in great detail, and I resisted jumping on the bandwagon. I still am, and I’m not regretting it yet. But I’m starting to wonder whether I’m missing out by missing Downton.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated, plus the potential loan of a series 1 box-set?

In summary: pop-culture advice needed.


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  • Reply Catie Eliza October 7, 2012 at 7:51 am

    Definitely worth a watch, but you should start at the beginning… I’m not watching this time round bevcause I have missed some out… and anyway, i don;t like the time that something is on to dictate to me what I do when…. borrow a boxset and watch it when you have that ‘I need to watch something delightfully melo-dramatic and which is all about other people’s drama and not my own’ feeling. hahah xxxxxx

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