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On loving and living and telling.

This evening I had the pleasure of attending a seminar on personal evangelism by Craig Dyer, of Christianity Explored.

It’s always encouraging to get evangelism training, because it’s another chance to hear the gospel, and this evening was no exception. But besides the joy of being reminded of the good news, the thing that struck me was the chat about 1-2-1 reading of the Bible.

We were asked to think about churches that we had been involved in the past, and to give a score out of 10 for how we thought the church did at teaching the Bible publicly, teaching the Bible in small groups, encouraging reading of the Bible in 1-2-1 settings, and encouraging personal Bible reading at home. A little survey was done, and it turned out that about 2/3rds of the room had given the lowest score to the 1-2-1 reading.

One of the greatest blessings and joys of my job is having the opportunity to open up the Bible with students. My favourite days are usually spent over a cup of coffee, studying the word together and chatting about life. My first experience of doing 1-2-1s was when I was in third year at uni, and lovely Gillian and I used to get together in the Vic, for a hot chocolate (these were my pre-coffee days) and toast, and chat and read together. Those meetings were a great help and encouragement to me, and the other 1-2-1s I’ve been part of since then are no different, though I think I really developed my love for them in South Africa, meeting with Stacey, Andrea and Aba.

1-2-1s with Miss Aba, at Wits.

There is such joy in taking time in the middle of the day to focus on God; to remind each other of who Jesus is and what he’s done; to share life, with all of its delights and challenges; to laugh (and sometimes cry); and to spur each other on to live and speak for Jesus.

Lately my weeks have been rather less full of this kind of work, since the students have been deep into revision, and then exam, mode, which means that they do not have the desire or time to sit in a coffee shop for two hours reading through Hebrews, and this evening has reminded me that I miss it – and them. So, looking forward to getting back to it once the exams are done.What are your experiences of 1-2-1s? Good? Bad? Non-existent?

In summary: getting personal.

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