On lemon & lime & coffee.

Tomorrow I’m heading down to Donny, Town of Dreams (sadly, not a city, since it lost out in the Diamond Jubilee New City competition, for team days, so I’ve spent the evening in my usual pre-team-day pursuit: baking.

Back to cupcakes again, (lemon & lime, and coffee) since we’re at Pete’s house and they have a beautiful cake stand, but I’m particularly feeling the absence of my recently departed flatmate, Emma (she moved to London on Sunday), since when she left she took her icing-skills with her.

I have a new piping bag, but lack the necessary aptitude or dexterity required to make it look right, so I’ve reverted to shmearing instead.

And of course, what would a pre-team-day baking post be without the obligatory gallery of excessive photographic evidence of every single stage of the cake-making process?

In summary: cake.

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