On five years later.

Five years ago tomorrow I donned a gown and, carrying a fetching violet silk hood,  marched across a stage at the words:

Te ad gradum Magistri Theologiae promoveo, cuius rei in symbolum super te hoc birretum impono.

‘”I promote you to the Degree of Master of Theology, as a symbol of which I place this cap upon you.”

Although, if we’re being technical, since I was the third one across the stage, I just got an ‘et super te’ (and also you). Then I knelt in front of Menzies Campbell, got tapped on the head with an elderly bit of tartan, received my hood, stood, bowed, and exited, stage left, the proud recipient of a real, live degree.

It was a wonderful day, but it has also been a wonderful five years. In some ways it seems like years ago, and in some days it feels like yesterday.

Thankfully, I am still using stuff I learnt and I do still love theology.

Weirdly, I still have nightmares that I’ve forgotten to hand in an essay, or that I’ve missed a tutorial, or that I’m 31 minutes late for an exam. The relief on waking, and reminding myself that none of that’s true and I passed after all, is indescribable.

Oh, and I still haven’t had cause to write, MTheol (Hons) (St And) after my name. Perhaps that delight will arrive before the 10 year anniversary.

In summary: graduate.

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  • Reply fiona lynne June 22, 2012 at 7:41 am

    Five years. Blimey…

    • Reply ellidhcook June 22, 2012 at 8:05 am

      I know, right?

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