On films.

I am currently enjoying the wonderful, blissful feeling that finds is place on a Sunday night preceding a Monday off. Deep, deep joy.

In actual fact I have the delightful prospect of two days off in my immediate future, and it’s not, of course, that I don’t love my job (because I really, really do), but, it’s still lovely to have a couple of days of rest in sight.

My plan for tomorrow at least, based largely on the dismal, chilly and distinctly inappropriate for May type of weather that we’ve been experiencing lately, is to spend most (all) of the day indoors. Eating and watching films are high up the list of activities on the agenda.

And, as it happens, Netflix are currently offering a month free, so I thought I’d take advantage of their movie library. As I type this post I am in the midst of watching the high-quality cinematography that is Speed 2. 


I hope you have something fun planned for your May Day Bank Holiday (if you happen to reside in a country that celebrates the fifth month of the year with a public holiday).

In summary: having a wee rest.

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