Feminine Fridays

On Feminine Fridays: Lensa

I have been left alone.

In our wonderful region of UCCF staff we have a shortage of one important commodity: women.

We are blessed with plenty of slugs, and snails, and puppy dog tails, but the sugar, and spice, and all things nice, are a great deal less abundant.

When one counts up all of the staff and the Relay workers in our little north east family the numbers come to 10 guys and 5 girls. Staff only, the numbers are 5 to 2, and today that turned into 5 to 1.

I am the one, and the one who has left me alone is our beloved, Lensa, everyone’s favourite Ethio-Ukranian staffworker, who has left us to begin her maternity leave: preparing for the imminent arrival of Baby Woodcock who is due in less than a month.

So, today’s FF is dedicated to that wonderful lady. Even if she has left me alone with all those boys.

In fact, Lensa was on her own with the boys for a year, and when I started in the job she was so happy to have another girl to join the ranks that the first time we met she introduced herself thusly: “Hi, I’m Lensa. We’re going to be best friends.’

Over the past nearly two years that I have worked with her I have loved getting to know her. She is a wonderful example: her love for the Lord Jesus, and for the students whom we work with, is inspiring and wonderful, her humility and honesty is a great encouragement, and I am really going to miss her.

I think she and Paul are going to be lovely parents, and I’m excited to meet their baby (prediction: boy), but I think all of us will feel her absence in the team.

In summary: saying cheerio to a lovely sister.

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  • Reply fiona lynne May 21, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    That actually surprises me that there are more men in these roles than women. It’s quite a pastoral and social role (as I understand it) so I’d have expected more women. Sad for you being the only one for now, but what a shining specimen you are 😉

    • Reply ellidhcook May 22, 2012 at 10:18 am

      I think that’s probably because the job is different for different people, and somewhat shaped by people’s gifts and experiences: I tend to do a lot of one to one discipleship and perhaps the more pastoral stuff that you imagine (which is probably why you think of the job in that way!). Obviously the guys do all that too, but they also do a lot more public teaching and preaching (which, as you can guess, I don’t do much of at all).
      Also, this job works as a very good training post for people who are thinking of going into church leadership/pastoring, and there are more guys than girls looking for those kind of jobs.
      However, it’s worth noting that not all regions of UCCF are like the North East, so both London and ‘East Central’ are the opposite to us with male:female ratios – I think we ought to arrange some sort of exchange programme!

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