On early morning baking

I started my day early today, baking scones at 7am, whilst enjoying a bit of old school Elton John on Spotify.

It turns out that my early morning baking style is a little more slapdash than at other times of the day, so there was a little more guesswork than measuring going on.

All in all it was quite a nice way to start the day, although I found out a little too late that my house no longer has a rolling pin (apparently that beloved utensil moved out with my departing flatmate, Emma) so I had to use a tall glass instead. Oh, and my guessing instead of measuring tactic ended up skimping on the baking powder, so the scones look a little more similar to Eccles cakes than they ought.


Still, reports suggest that they taste fine. Good news.

In summary: slapdash style.

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