On creating with a deadline.

Today it’s time for a self-indulgent Ellidh post. The fact that my blog is random and indefinable is perfect for me (since I am so very random and indefinable myself) but it does mean that I am aware that those of you out there reading it don’t exactly share all of my interests. Some people like social networking, like me; some people like travelling, like me; some people like baking, like me; and some people like Feminine Friday rants, like me. And yet, I know that not everyone is a fan of all of those random topics, and I suspect that there’s only one reader who cares at all about knitting.

Occasionally I think, well, if nobody cares about knitting perhaps I should blog about it. But then I think, no. This is my random and indefinable blog, and if I want to write about my weird love of knitting, or post multiple pictures of every single stage of baking fairy cakes, or give ten tips for travelling by ‘plane, then I shall.

So there. Cue a wool-related post:

I haven’t been knitting very much this year. Which is rather sad.

I don’t really know what the problem is – perhaps tiredness, perhaps busyness – but I’m not sure I’ve really got back into the swing of things since the madness of knitting-until-the-wee-hours that is Christmas knitting.

And yet, I’ve found myself knitting again, and once again it’s kntting with a deadline hanging over my head.

It’s a frustrating truth: I don’t like this kind of pressure to my creativity, and yet, when I don’t have a deadline, I find myself forgetting about knitting or sewing or making anything at all. Only of course, unlike Christmas, when I’m on holiday, and so free to sit and knit all day (and, frequently, all night), at this time of year there is no such luxury available. I have to work during the day, and sleep at night, so that I can get the day-work done.

And so, evenings are now a knit-fest, with the furious clicking of needles, whilst iPlayer entertains me. The deadline looms, but maybe this time it will get the knit-one-purl-one back into my bloodstream and I’ll be creating with no time limits in place.

In summary: hopeful.

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