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On adding another string to my bow.

That is the expression I’m looking for isn’t it? The ‘string to the bow’ one? Something about archery, one assumes.

Anyway, I’ve decided to pick up a new skill. Not anything useful for 21st century life, like plumbing, or rewiring a plug, or driving, natch, (this is what fathers are for, after all) but rather something that will make me a handy sort to have around, should we suddenly find ourselves caught in some sort of unexpected time-travel situation that thrusts us back to the early 1800s, or if some nuclear war-type scenario occurs, where many people of Britain survive, but without any of the modern services, luxuries, and infrastructure, that we have come to rely upon.

If either of those scenarios should ever occur, and you’re a bit chilly, then I’m the girl to know, ’cause I’ve got handy, jumper-making skills. Whoever said knitting wasn’t useful? If it was you then don’t bother to come crying to me for a nice, woolly cardigan once the nuclear winter sets in.

Now, in case of either of the aforementioned emergencies taking place, I’ve decided to add another handicraft to my repertoire, specifically: weaving.

Back in Keswick today (for a Dan Strange seminar, a couple of coffees with friends, and more fun on the bookshop till), I was able to chat to one of my dad’s colleagues, who also happens to be a bit of crafter, and was working on a piece of weaving. It looks beautiful, and interesting, and since I’ve got a bit of holiday in my immediate future, now seems a really good time to learn.

Stay tuned for info on my progress.

In summary: somewhat equipped.

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