On a Relay Roadtrip

Today we sent our North East Relay workers off on a grand tour of the region with one mission in mind: visit all the North East universities in 12 hours.

The four Relays in the north (Phoebe, Sam, Jo, and Jim), with their driver, Hamish, battled against the four in the south (Ed, Seb, Ben, and Andrea), with their driver, Pete. They started on their respective home grounds, and raced to see who could visit the most locations in the time allowed. The end result will be an exciting and informative Relay documentary to be shown at the Big North East CU Weekend (coming up in November), so I can’t reveal who won, or any other details, at this time.

You’ll just have to wait for the video like everyone else.

But to whet your appetite, here’s the two opposing teams at our region’s most recognisable landmark:

In summary: Relay good times.

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