On a lifelong enemy.

Donkeys are not my friends. Some people think them sweet and a bit pathetic, I know differently. I’ve seen another side to the beast, and it wasn’t pretty.

Once, as a child, I was savagely attacked by a donkey (it tried to eat my hair), and my feelings towards the little animals have been cool, to say the least, ever since.

I’m also pretty sure that initial act of donkey aggression took place in the Emerald Isle, so when we came across a pack of more Irish donkeys today on a visit the lovely Phoenix Park, I was suspicious of their intentions.

Thankfully, they were kept safely back by an electric fence and no further hair-eating incidents took place.
Plus, in the end I suppose I have the last laugh – last summer I ate a donkey (well, a bit of a donkey really. A whole donkey would have a taken a really long time to eat, and it honestly doesn’t taste that great). Frankly, that old Irish donkey may have tried to munch on my head, but I succeeded.


In summary: Donkeys – 0, Ellidh – 1

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