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On visiting the south.

Today’s blog comes to you from the delightful town of Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

I’m in the middle of travelling to the very exciting New Word Alive, which is in Pwllheli, (Wales, in case you hadn’t guessed by the spelling). If you have any concept of British geography then perhaps you are wondering if the most sensible route from north east England to north west Wales is via south-east-middle-England, and the answer to your wonderings would be ‘no, it isn’t’. But since New Word Alive begins on Sunday, and Sunday is the most difficult day to travel on a train in this green and pleasant land, and would have required a 9 hour journey, and got me there 9 hours late, I opted for a night in the home of a lovely UCCF colleague and friend, Sarah, and a brief, but nevertheless delightful, visit to the mysterious ‘East Central’ region.

UCCF splits Great Britain into 9 regions. Most of them are easy to understand – Scotland, for instance, is pretty self-explanatory; some are a little more confusing, our North East region includes such towns as Huddersfield and Sheffield, neither of which I consider to be particularly north or east; and then you’ve got East Central, the most confusing of all. It’s long and thin and stretches from Norwich to Oxford. It basically skirts around the top of London and catches up some odd places, such as this special little burg.

Sarah has informed me that the top Hatfield attractions are: Hatfield House, childhood home of the Queen Mother; and the national office of T-Mobile. Riveting, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, it’s been a brief but fun visit here, but I’m super excited about some New Word Alive fun beginning tomorrow.

In summary: enjoying the delights of East Central region.

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    oooh…i’m logged into your blog as you!

    what havoc could I cause?!

  • Reply ellidhcook April 24, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    Dawks! And I thought I’d been so careful to log myself out – still you could probably help me out by writing a blog post so that I don’t have to!x

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