On the night life.

I write this post to you from a bus stuck in traffic in Newcastle city centre, because I noticed that the time is creeping ever closer to tomorrow and I didn’t want to mess with the February plan.

This evening I have been at Durham CU because they (bizarrely) have their central CU on Saturday night. I love them, and CU, which is just as well for two reasons.

1. Because I have now missed 2/3rds of the six nations.
2. Because Saturday evening in Durham means a train back to the city with barely-dressed girls and Lynx-soaked boys, followed by half an hour waiting for a bus that’s supposed to come every 7 minutes, at a bus stop that’s outside a nightclub.

Observation of all of this has reminded me how much I dislike clubbing, and how little people seem to be enjoying themselves. Some are falling down drunk, most of them look really cold. I see angry couples, lonely smokers, insecurity on the faces of those on the edges of crowds, brave faces of the teenagers approaching bouncers, and weeping girls in doorways. No-one really seems to be having fun.


In summary: glad I’m nearly home (how ever much of a boring old lady that makes me!)

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